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Greater New Haven Lodge #37

Founded 1910

We are are a non-profit organization

As the 3rd oldest lodge in the United States, we are very proud to keep our lodge alive!  After a couple of grim years with Covid, the lodge was on the verge of closing for good. None of us wanted to see such a tragedy occur.  

Our lodge stared in New Haven in the year 1910.

On April 4, 2022 the the CT Grand Lodge Immediate past 1st Vice President, John Sargent, and East Haven resident, accepted a nomination of becoming the new President of our lodge.  John hopes to keep our traditions alive as well as the future of our lodge for generations to come.   He is proud to fill the shoes of Immediate past President, Rich Ramadei and 2nd past President, Sam Giglio, who served over a decade as the lodge's president.

We hope to gain more members, especially those of the younger generation, to join us in the brother and sisterhood of our lodge and enjoy all that we offer to our families and communities!

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Watch the President's welcome from the CT Grand Lodge

Connecticut Greater New Haven Lodge #37

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